Reflections on my Ecoliteracy

I was lucky to grow up in Sudbury, a city in Northern Ontario with abundant forests and 330 fresh water lakes within city limits [1]. My family would often go camping, hiking, and swimming, amongst other outdoor activities. My childhood home bordered a large forest, where I would spend hours a day playing outside.

It is hard to pinpoint one specific moment or event that has contributed to my ecoliteracy, but I like to think that I was influenced by all of the nature surrounding me when I was growing up. From our family visits to High Falls [2] to exploring Science North [3], I’m thankful I was able to have so many great experiences in nature.

I also love doing nature photography. There is something so beautiful about being able to capture a single moment in nature, whether it is digitally, or on film. Photography has definately played a role in contributing to my eoliteracy.

High Falls

We would often visit High Falls [2], an area in the Onaping River that drops drastically in a single plunge. With several hiking trails and picnic areas, we absolutely loved going. The scenery was amazing, especially in the fall. This beautiful area holds a special place in my heart. I have experienced so many great memories there. I was lucky enough to find some photos online that I wanted to share with everyone. The scenery is just amazing.

external image FallColorsAtHighFalls.jpg external image FallColorsAtHighFalls2.jpg
Images: Jan Winther


I love getting outside and taking photos of nature. I get so inspired by all the colors, shapes, and textures. One of my favorite places to take photos is by the Ottawa River [4]. There are often rabbits, birds, and ducks, among other small animals. I’d like to share a few photos that I’ve taken.

external image 4349560785_0075c576aa.jpg external image 4388835606_7ee5fc5b4a.jpg external image 4482407135_009dd3fa76.jpg

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