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Here's a great link to You Grow Girl, a Toronto-based site that has practical gardening instructions that make growing plants accessible to you regardless of where you live. There are lots of tips and tricks for container gardening and urban gardening that go beyond what you might find on a standard gardening site.

The Master Gardeners of Ottawa are knowledgeable and ready to offer (free) advice if you have gardening questions. These folks are well versed in the climate, what grows best where, and how to resurrect the most dead-looking shrub. A great resource to have.

I think this is critical to getting kids engaged in an urban environment. It touches kids on so many levels and they impassioned and connected to their food systems. In Ottawa there is another great resource, the Growing Up Organic program, which implements school gardens and connects children to local farmers:
-Genevieve Marquis

Plants, seeds, and soil by BC Agriculture in the Classroom. Created by educators who share practical teaching strategies for their classroom.,%20Seeds%20and%20Soil.pdf