Eco-literacy (Ecological Literacy)

What is Ecoliteracy?

Ecoliteracy, is term that emphasizes the sustainability and environmental movements of today. It is a type of education that allows school communities to bring sustainable practices to their teaching, allows students to be fully engaged in a lesson, and focuses on the greater common good of our world. Schools look towards unique teaching methods that showcase the brilliance of the environmental side of the school community.

Benefits of Increasing Eco-literacy

Eco-literacy allows us to teach students in a new way. It allows teachers to inspire students to create change in their world. From learning about the rugged terrains of a mountaintop, to creating a farm to table plan for a restaurant, eco-literacy enables students and teachers to become fully in tune with their community, which then expands into learning about the world as a whole. Visit
The Campaign for Environmental Literacy's website for more benefits to eco-literacy.

Exercises for Fostering Ecoliteracy

Personal Reflections on Eco-literacy