What contributed to my Ecoliteracy?

Thinking back to my childhood, I remember playing with snails, and running in the grass; simply enjoying the moments with nature. I watched a video of my grandparent holding me as a baby; we were in the garden and I remember being so amazed by everything that surrounded me, it was almost as if I was seeing fairies around me.

I can’t identify a single person as my influence on Ecoliteracy, it has been the sum of many experiences and many moments. I remember waiting for the bus once, surrounded by traffic, smoke, cars, time, and stress, but in the moment it was just me, a tree and a bird. I felt connected with them; they seemed to be the only pure thing amongst the chaos of the city. They helped me to get through the long wait.

I always felt nostalgic of nature, always dreaming of getting back to it. The ability to run through a large field of tall wheat and to get lost in it. I want to have my daily baths in the river. I always feel like I'm missing nature, always needing more of it. All my life I’ve lived in big cities but I’ve truly only wanted to live in nature.

I've gone camping a few times, and since then, every opportunity that I get, I try to be in a forest. I lay in the grass, covered by the sun, feeling the air and the bugs climbing on my hands. What a perfect place to feel alive, and hide from every day life.
The thought of having less opportunities to live my dream due to humans destroying nature, really made me focus on achieving my goals.

My dream in the field of wheat...